Horizon Solicitors offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation to determine what employment law support you need to achieve the best outcome for your situation, being flexible in our fees and adding value in resolving your issues.

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Ways of Working and Fees
Ways of Working

Horizon Solicitors offer a free 30 minute consultation, ideally by telephone, to determine at the outset what support you need and whether you have a case to answer. Contact us on 01788 555045 or drop us an email on enquiries@horizonsolicitors.co.uk or fill in the form on our website.

You can contact us at any stage of your employment issues, but it is obviously much better if you get in touch at the earliest possible opportunity, so that we can help support you make the right tactical decisions to achieve the best outcome for your situation.

Once your employer knows that Horizon Solicitors are supporting you, they will be discouraged from breaching your legal rights and are more likely to take a far more reasonable approach to resolving the situation.

The timescale of events is always very important in employment cases, especially as memories fade and emotions inevitably run high. So it is advisable to keep a diary of events from the outset, which will help you explain to us what has happened, and help us to prepare letters to your employer and witness statements, should it become necessary. Update the diary daily, since the Tribunal will take account of your contemporaneous notes, and they will hold more weight if created in real time.


So how much will it cost?

We are flexible about our fees and want to add value with the advice and support we provide to you, which is why we offer a free 30 minute consultation at the outset to determine if it would benefit you to instruct us. We will offer fixed fees where it is appropriate, and if not, we have a competitive hourly rate to charge for our time. We may also offer to take on your case on a Conditional Fee Agreement (where we charge our hourly rate or agreed fee plus a % mark up if you win) or a Damages Based Agreement (where we charge a % of any damages that you recover), also known as “No Win No Fee” Agreements.

It may be that you just need us to write a letter to your employer and provide you with written advice, or suggest the best tactics for raising issues either informally with your manager or formally through raising a grievance.

It is important that you check any insurance policies you have that may include legal expenses insurance, for example with your home insurance, as the insurance company may pay our fees for representing you, and we are more than happy to do that.

If you have a Settlement Agreement (previous called a Compromise Agreement) then your employer will pay a contribution to your legal fees and we would negotiate with them to cover our fees in full, if there is a short fall.

We will always agree with you up front which method we will work to, what is best for you, the likely timescales involved and an estimate what you will have to pay for. We will regularly update you on progress of time and fees, so that you are never caught out, and we will listen to and resolve any issues or queries you have as the matter progresses.

For claims in the Employment Tribunal for unfair or wrongful dismissal, please see further specific fee information in our section on Employment Tribunal claims.

So don’t delay, together we will face a new Horizon.

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